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By the time you see it on network news, it isn't news any more. The world moves at a fantastically rapid pace with developments happening in every corner of the globe, 24/7. Celebrity gossip, public opinions, political intrigue, fashion trends, and technological innovations all happen in real time, and thus, they should be reported in real time. Introducing PopularQ, a news source that covers events when they happen, as they happen. PopularQ cuts out the filter, scripts, and production in order to bring you real time events, no matter where you are. Whether you're in the office, at home, on vacation, or commuting to school, PopularQ keeps you abreast of the world at large. And thanks to its online polls, trivia games, and interactive, social networking apps, PopularQ involves you in the news-making process rather than requiring that you remain a passive spectator. Who will win the next presidential election? Does Amy Winehouse deserve jail time? How can we end the Israel/Palestine conflict? Was the Hollywood writer's strike good or bad? Answer and get answers to questions like these as you explore PopularQ's innovative approach to news and events.



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